This is the introductory page of the Ford Trucks F-MAX truck mod developed for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The F-MAX truck is modeled from scratch in full detail, faithful to the actual model. It will be shared as a free mod for ETS 2. Developed by experienced model designers and mod makers Emre Aydın and Bertan Baday, F-MAX truck mod  published by SimülasyonTÜRK. You can find all the details on this page.

The project in three words!
  • Volunteer
  • Detailed
  • Free


  • Original F-MAX Interior and Exterior
  • FORD Trucks Dealer (in Berlin and optional)
  • Original Dashboard
  • Original Sounds (Ford Cargo 1842T from EngineVoiceRecords)
  • Standalone Modding
  • Animated Handbrake
  • Animated Pedals
  • Support for Cabin Accessories
  • Support for SiSL Mega Pack
  • Cabin lights(blue)
  • Skin Template
  • Compatible with standard game features
  • Compatible Game Version: 1.36.x, 1.35.x
  • 4x2 Normal and LL Chassis
  • EcoTorq 12.7L Engine
  • 500 PS engine, 2500 Nm torq
  • ZF 12TX2620 Gearbox
  • Changeable Front Grill(Black or White)
  • 600L Main Fuel Tank + 450L Extra Fuel Tank (Optional)
  • GPS Navigation
  • Orginal catalog color
  • Support for Turkish Paint Jobs Pack DLC
  • Support for Window Flag DLC
  • Truck of the Year Paint Job
  • FIA European Truck Championship Paint Jobs
  • Support for European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack (Mod)
  • Side Skirt
  • Adjustable Spoiler (Low(standard), Low 2, High, Very High, Mid High)
  • Customizable Sunshield
  • Animated Mudflaps (optional)
  • Different screens for navigation (standart, small gps, multimedia)
  • Top bar for lighting
  • Realistic license plate(SCS Software or Custom)
  • You can buy from Mod Dealer
  • You can choice on Quick Jobs
  • You can start a new profile with this truck.

FORD Trucks Dealer

FORD Trucks Dealer

In addition to the F-MAX truck mod, you will be able to purchase trucks from Ford Trucks dealer. The Ford Trucks dealer is located in Berlin on the base map of the ETS2.

We’ve got what we want!

With the 1.35 update, SCS Software introduced a separate purchase screen for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator under the name of Mod Dealer. In this way, the F-MAX mod we have prepared for you can be purchased online from the page with Ford Trucks logo. This makes the game experience even better and makes the F-MAX mod even more beautiful.

Turkey (Thrace) officially added to ETS 2!

The new map expansion, Road to the Black Sea DLC, will be officially released by SCS Software at the end of 2019 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. In this map, there will be Romania, Bulgaria and Thrace region of Turkey. Ford Trucks Dealer in ETS 2 F-MAX mod project will be moved to Turkey. The dealer is planned to be placed at the entrance to Istanbul.

Kapıkule Gümrük Kapısı, Edirne

On the, you can get up-to-date on all developments related to F-MAX mode in the main topic opened by the developers. You can also ask them questions. Click the button


Hasan Elmaz Öfke

The marketing of the F-MAX mod is managed by Hasan Elmaz Öfke.

Emre Aydın

He is working responsible for both internal and external modeling of the F-MAX truck mod.

Bertan Baday

He is working responsible for both internal and external modeling of the F-MAX truck mod.

Special Thanks: SiSL

Very special thanks to Selçuk İslamoğlu (SiSL) - Blender SCS Tools, Overhaul Improvements Support for SiSL's Mega Pack, Service Icons

Sounds: EngineVoiceRecords

Engine sounds belong the EngineVoiceRecords(Ford Cargo 1842T).

Dashboard: Oscar

Dashboard of Ford Trucks F-MAX has made by Oscar

Photos and Sounds of F-MAX: OnurKull

OnurKull help us for sounds and reference photos of real F-MAX

Beta Testers

OnurKull, BlackMoon, Süleyman Fahri Kurt(SFK), Ahmet Soydan (SinagritBaba), Özkan Poyrazoğlu (feelgoodinc)

Photos of F-MAX: Eugene

Eugene help us for reference photos of real F-MAX

Catalog Colors, FIA ETRC, Truck of the Year

Catalog colors, FIA ETRC and Truck of the Year paint jobs thanks to OnurKull

Turkish Paint Jobs Pack

Support for Turkish Paint Jobs Pack DLC thanks to BlackMoon"BM Logistics"

European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack

Support for European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack thanks to SinagritBaba "AhmetSoydan"

Launch Trailer Video

Launch Trailer by Hetrix

F-MAX is available on Steam Workshop!
Update process... 100%
  • Converted to Blender SCS Tools
  • Support for OpenGL
  • Performance optimisations
  • Texture resolutions has been reduced
  • New ext interior model (4k polygon 😀 )
  • We will publish on Steam Workshop

All Images

You can see all images of F-MAX project.

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The F-MAX mod will be sent to the press a few days in advance for review and testing purposes. This includes YouTube and Twitch publishers. Contact us

Twitter ve Instagram hashtag: #ETS2FMAX